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If you’re interested in becoming a tech blogger and want to just hone your skills, or possibly even make a little money, then this is the place.  Here you can have your very own personal tech blog where you can write about anything tech related that you want to write about.  It’s free, it’s hosted by us at our expense.  We just reserve the right to drop a contextual link here or there for our own SEO purposes.

We are a tech company, not an SEO company and we host this site in the interest of furthering the development and sharing of technology around the world.  Please enjoy our archive of articles, and check back soon for fresh new content.  The site is new, so there isn’t much here yet but it’s coming fast.

If you’re interested in starting your personal tech blog just contact us and we’ll get you set up.  Please take a few moments to look around and see what sort of technology topics we have here already and what you might be able to contribute.  Sorry, but personal blogs not relating to technology are not being accepted at this time.  If you have a background in any tech field and want to share your knowledge then you’re just the sort of person we want.

Join our team now!  Your friends at Personal Tech Blog Hosts.