Justhost.com Hosting Review

Pathetic Hosting Company Of The Year – Justhost

There are a lot of pathetic hosting companies out there.  Justhost though has made my #1 spot for the worst hosting company.  They lure you in using impossibly low rates which we all know lasts only for the first year.  Then, as time goes on it all starts to change.  But their pricing model isn’t the reason they’ve made my #1 spot for worst hosting company.  There’s a lot of companies who use this sort of bait and switch tactic to rope you in and hose you on extras.

No with Justhost it really all comes down to their poor or dare I say lacking support of their existing customers.  Not only do they not have a reliable service, but they try to use their own incompetence to get you to buy “upgrades” to better hosting with them.  Don’t make the mistake I did.  I finally after trying everything and having constant page load speed issues, downtime, random page drops, etc, went for their business premium upgrade.  Huge mistake!

Not only was this tier of service a lot more expensive, but it sucked even worse than the cheaper plan.  I finally got so frustrated I asked to go back to the old plan, and they refused, saying they can’t do that.  Then I asked to have my site put on another server of theirs.  Nope! they refused to even do that.

My site even was running on a CDN (content delivery network) which serves up the content from dynamic servers around the world.  However a CDN only will work if the main site responds, and often it didn’t even respond.  It would just endlessly sit there waiting for the first block of HTML to load.

The support staff was rude, unhelpful, and generally just incompetent.  One trick I did learn is to always put yourself down as a potential sale on their support widget, not as a support customer.  Then ask to speak with the “concerned department”.  They seem to be the only ones who have the authority to actually do anything.  And by pretending to be a sale, you actually get a person quickly.  Support tickets generally are ignored for at least an hour, as they hope you’ll just give up and go away.

This video I found on Youtube shows the differences in their support time: